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The StarFire Electronic Cigarette

StarFire ecigs is a relatively new ecig brand that is receiving good reviews all over the Internet.  We had the pleasure of trying out the StarFire electronic vapor cigarette in 2012.  The StarFire ecig proved itself to be one of our favorites out of so many other electronic cigarettes that we reviewed!   One of differences between StarFire and most other electronic cigarettes is the nicotine cartridge.   All Starfire eCigs vapor fluid is made with American made vegetable glycerin versus “PG” (propylene glycol) which is found in almost all other eCig cartridges.  While there are no known health concerns pertaining to propylene glycol which is used in many foods, bakery items like soft cookies, medicine, cosmetics and other stuff we consume everyday, the use of a vegetable glycerin is certainly a more natural approach that many would appreciate, especially if you are a vegetarian or a vegan who smokes.   The tip on the StarFire electronic cigarette is jeweled making it very stylish in comparison to most ofther ecig brands on the market.   When people see you using the StarFire ecig they know its an ecig and are less prone to negatively comment that someone is smoking a tobacco cigarette where they shouldn’t.  The blue jeweled tip was noticed quickly while we were testing the StarFire out in a pub one night.   It turned out to be quite the conversation starter along with quite a bit of interest from the ladies who like the style. Another great feature of the StarFire vapor cigarette is the case which also doubles as a portable charging pack.   This nifty case will charge your backup battery several times while on the go.   Never will you have a dead battery and your eCig plus some cartridges are fully protected in a nice case.   This deluxe carrying case will conveniently carry up to six flavor cartridges.  At practically the size of a regular pack of cigarettes, this case is one of the best accessories an eCig smoker needs!   It also  comes in black or white to fit your style. In addition to the typical tobacco and menthol cartridge flavors, StarFire eCig cartridges also come in  turkish  tobacco, vanilla, cherry, coffee, appletini, watermelon, and peach.  A total of 9 different flavor selections to  choose from in strong, medium, and zero nicotine levels.   The watermelon flavor was quite interesting, but our  favorite flavors were the vanilla and the peach.   You too are sure to find a favorite flavor among the selection at  StarFire. The folks at StarFire have a LIVE CHAT available on their website.   In our experience they are easy to reach for questions and support.   Being highly accredited by the BBB, you can have confidence in buying from the StarFire Electronic Vapor Cigarette company.
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