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The SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette

Cigarette smokers looking for more flexibility and better long-term smoking options should consider a Smoketip electronic cigarette.  Gone are the days of being able to relax in your local bar or restaurant with a cup of coffee, newspaper and a cigarette.  It is simply time to consider alternatives to tobacco smoking.   One of the options is switching to the SmokeTip eCig. The SmokeTip electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette, is a small, battery operated device that delivers controlled amounts of vaporized nicotine, which can then be inhaled at your leisure. The revolutionary electronic cigarette from Smoketip is the same size and shape as the cigarette you are used to.  This versatility makes it easy for you to transition from your tobacco cigarette directly to a Smoketip ecig. One of the features of the SmokeTip cartridges is their “Eazy-Drag System” making every puff on your ecig to be as smooth as possible.   In addition to a smooth drag, they have 21 different flavors available with more in the works at the time of this review.   Where some ecigs only come in traditional tobacco and menthol flavor, you have a selection of flavors that are sure to please even the most selective smoker.   When the FDA banned flavored cigars, like clove cigarettes which have been around since the 1920’s, I was disappointed.   On the holidays it was always nice to pickup a pack of clove cigarettes and smoke a little with family and friends.   Now its possible to do that again thanks to SmokeTip who has a really nice clove flavored cartridge.   Even better, I can smoke at the local bar again because its an ecig, not real tobacco being burned. Cartridge life was typical of most the ecigs on the market.   They yield approximately 1.25 packs of cigarettes per cartridge smoked.   At under $2 a cartridge, that is a huge savings versus a pack of cigarettes costing over $7 in most areas.   Plus no ashes, no cigarette butts and no secondhand smoke for the anti-smoking people out there to complain about! SmokeTip offers a FREE BATTERY every time you purchase (3) or more 10 packs of cartridges (per order).  This is great because having a charged battery is essential to your ecig working at 100%.   In just a few months you will have so many spare batteries you won't know what to do with them!   Its a nice way that they thank their customers for their continued business while also making sure you have a working eCig at all times! If you purchase six 10-packs, you will receive even more free merchandise with your order.  Or order ten 10-packs and they will send you a free 16mg starter kit...again, FREE!! Their website is not really flashy or fancy like their competitors, but when you have a great product with such a flavor selection it speaks for itself!    Give SmokeTip a try and we bet you will be happy with their ecigs!
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