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The Ever Smoke eCig

The EverSmoke Vapor Cigarette Kit is a very impressive eCig system that surpasses most others!   Several decades after the dangers of cigarettes were first known, smokers now  finally have an alternative for smoking tobacco which still provides the satisfaction of smoking a real cigarette. EverSmoke vapor cigarette cartridges come in 10 different flavors:  Classic Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Golden  Tobacco, Peppermint Party, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla, Cool Menthol, Pina Coloda, and Peach  Passion.    Cartridges are equal to about a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Generally you can expect to pay about $2.66 to $2.22 per cartridge which is MUCH less than buying a pack of cigarettes. Many eCig brands have one tobacco flavor.   There are lots of different brands of tobacco cigarettes on the market.  A smoker who likes one brand may not like another as much.  EverSmoke realizes that fact and actually has THREE different tobacco cartridges dedicated to the main brands.  • Golden Tobacco - The taste is similar to Kent, Camel, Marlboro, American Spirit and Merit. • Royal Tobacco - Perfect for those who enjoy the taste of Benson & Hedges, Kent, Viceroy, Merit, L & M, and  Parliament. • Classic Tobacco - That rich, slightly sweet, full-bodied classic tobacco flavor. Perfect for those that enjoy  Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Chesterfield or Lucky Strike brands. EverSmoke has several different battery options available.   In some areas eCig smokers are required to have an  on/off switch on their battery.   This option is available in both their standard battery and their long-life extended  battery.   The switched batteries also create a stronger, heavier vapor than the regular battery due to the manual controls.   While this comes at a cost of about 25% less battery life, you really get a super-thick vapor with a manual battery. Another great option is EverSmoke’s personal charging case.   This carrying case holds a battery and several  cartridges for when you are on the go!   The case has a built-in battery which actually charges your electronic  cigarette while its inside.   This powerful charger is like having an electrical outlet wherever you go and easily fits into your pocket or purse! One of the things we liked about the EverSmoke eCig is their VaporMax  cartridges.  They are more than just a plastic tip with nicotine and a breathing  hole.  Their cartridges are specially designed with the real smoker in mind.    They have a super smooth draw that produces a good amount of vapor.  In addition  each eCig cartridge has its own built-in atomizer which ensures that your smoking  experience will be perfect every time.  The draw on their eCig cartridges was great! Visit the EverSmoke website and check out the huge selection of  options to get started smoking electronic vapor cigarettes.   Their  prices are great as well as their service.  After several weeks of  testing and reviewing their eCig, we are impressed and  recommend it for even the most demanding smoker.
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