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The BLU Electronic Cigarette

BLU is one of the first electronic cigarettes to hit the ecig market in the USA years ago.   They recently started TV and radio advertising, thus branding their name as one of the top ecig brands available.   When ecigs first hit the market there was quite a bit of uncertainty of what consumers would want, or expect from an ecig.   BLU listened to their customers and over the years have developed a very nice vapor cigarette system.   Their strict quality control comes at a cost though, as their starter kits are a little more expensive than many of the brands we have tested.   But you do get what you pay for...an excellent quality electronic cigarette backed by a company with years of experience! Here are some of the things we like about BLU ecigs: • BLU electronic cigarette “e-liquid” used in their cartridges is made in the USA from ingredients also made in the USA.  They also maintain an independent quality control organization that  inspects product lines at all their facilities.  The cartridges are made exclusively for BLU by Johnson Creek.  This  gives you an unique flavor experience that cannot be duplicated with any other eCig system.   Cartridges are available in seven different flavors in the typical High, Medium, Low and Zero nicotine amounts.   They don’t have as many flavors as other ecigs boast, but what they have is top quality flavor & vapor production. • The BLU eCig cartridges have a built-in atomizer which ensures you have a perfect smoking experience every time.  It also prevents cross flavor contamination should you want to change your cartridge flavors in the middle of smoking another.   Cartridges last about 250 puffs which for most is close to a pack of traditional cigarettes. • A really unique feature is the BLU portable charging case.    Not only does this cigarette pack sized box hold and charge your eCig battery on the go, it also has a “social” feature which can alert you to other “BLU eCig smokers” within 50 feet of you.   Its a cool way to break the ice with someone while out at the local bar.  (This feature can also be turned off for those wanting to be a little more private!) • BLU eCigs has a reward program for their customers.  When you sign up for their rewards program you earn points when you purchase starter kits, accessories and refill cartridges.  Those points add up fast for huge percentage discounts on future orders.  The more you buy, the more discounts you get. If you watch late night TV then you probably have seen a few advertisements for BLU ecigs.   They are also available in many local stores at full retail prices.   If you want to save money on your BLU ecig starter kit or cartridges, its always best to shop online where you can take advantage of the specials!   If you are interested in the BLU ecig please click the link below and take a closer look at what they have to offer!
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